“I would highly recommend Country Manor. Everyone was very courteous and helpful. It’s hard to leave after making all new friends at Country Manor, I will miss everyone...”

- Susan G., Champion Rehab patient

“We all wanted mom and dad to continue to live together even with dad’s poor health condition. We’re thrilled with the programs here that have helped our dreams come true.”

- Joni, Daughter

“Impressive professionalism on all levels of staff. I love, love, loved the pet therapy. I left here with a grateful heart and feeling better than I have in years!”

- Ellen Z., Rapid Recovery & Aquatic Center patient

“We feel so blessed to have found your facility. Mom adored the staff here so much, she talked about them like they were family. She was truly surrounded by angels on earth”

- Mary N., Daughter

“The staff - all of them - knew Dad and always greeted him by name. They really were wonderful. This was the best place any of our relatives/friends have been in.”

- Son

“After my cancer, I needed help with things that I didn’t need help with before. My son and I had heard such great things about Country Manor so we came over for a visit. And it’s been really wonderful… They send a home health aid right to my house and she takes care of everything and anything I need. She is so nice, and she’s excellent at what she does. Top notch service, absolutely.”

- Jim S., Home Health Care client

“My family was most impressed by the kind and compassionate staff that worked so closely with mom. Also there are no words to express our gratitude with the care and concern for our mother and our family during her last days.”

- Debbie, Daughter

“The care, knowledge, and professional treatment of the patient is top of the line at Rapid Recovery. I came along very positively and got much stronger in this facility.”

- Linda K., Rapid Recovery & Aquatic Center patient

“Dad was naturally worried about leaving the house, but I can say it’s been a wonderful decision for our whole family.”

- Jim S., Son

“Our parents spent time at 3 other local facilities. Country Manor was without a doubt the best! Mom and dad are so busy and happy and well taken care of. We are so grateful.”

- Dina T., Daughter

“Excellent staff! Your facility was by far the best. We were kept well informed as to our mother’s status. We felt the staff really knew our mother.”

- Daughter of Care Center guest

“My sister used to call me in tears because she was so lonely. Now every time she calls me it’s to tell me about all of the things she’s doing and all the new friends she’s making.“

- George C., Brother

“The community of Sartell is very fortunate to have such a facility as Country Manor Campus in its community.”

- Joan G., Champion Rehab and Rapid Recovery & Aquatic Center patient

“It’s like a whole town under one roof”

- Leon R., Tenant

“A place when you need it, just like home. It’s just like a large family.”

- Karlene G., Tenant

“We appreciate everything that Champion Rehab has done to help Mom. You are all a bunch of ANGELS with hearts of gold.”

- Family of Rapid Recovery & Aquatic Center patient

“There are so many things to do every day, I can’t even do them all.”

- Ruth Ann, Tenant

“The food was excellent, tastefully prepared. The staff was excellent, any special requests I had were immediately taken care of.”

- Rapid Recovery & Aquatic Center patient